Eghe Nimose is a Nigerian musician and producer. He was born as Aghayedo Kelvins Eghosa in March 25, 1983 in Benin City, Edo State – Nigeria.  

10 Quick Facts about Rumba musician Eghe Nimose

  1. Congolese?:
    Eghe Nimose is a Nigerian, not Congolese: Born Aghayedo Kelvins Eghosa on March 25, 1983 in Benin City, Edo State – Nigeria. He grew up in the ancient city of Benin and attended Arinze Primary School, Immaculate Conception College and the University of Benin. Some mistake his music for Lingala Congolese because of the melodious rumba tunes, but actually he is always singing in French, English and Bini Language, though with some bits of Lingala Congolese.

  2. Humble Background:
    Eghe Nimose was born into a very poor family. So poor that all eight of them live under a tiny single room. His dad had him at 19 and mum at 17 out of wedlock. He grew up with his maternal parents in Benin City, and suffer basic needs such as food and shelter. As a five (5) year old kid, he often goes to street hawking after school.

  3. Virtuoso:
    He produce his own music and videos: Not much singers produce their own music, but Eghe Nimose is his own producer, both audio and visuals. Most of his music are recorded with live instruments, along with a team of highly skilled and talented producers. A virtuoso guitarist, pianist and bass guitar player. He also edit most of his music videos.

  4. Indie Artist:
    With the struggles artists go through to be heard, and most never get heard enough for the lack of support from recording label. Eghe Nimose his is own sponsor. He finance his music production and lucky enough to have fans turned partners that help to promote them. Though his releases are either on StarCloud Records or Miracle World Entertainment, a France-based record label own by his friend Miracle Obazee.

  5. Pioneer:
    He is significantly recognize as the top artist in Nigeria on the Rumba genre, a music genre most synonym with East Africans. His debut album “RumbaDub” had a fair welcome with over 2 million streams within 30 days of release with most streaming coming from East African countries and outside of the continent. The album had a track collaboration with Wordplay T Jay, America sensational rapper, EU based artist DJ Prince and Nigerian singer SOJ Da Legend. Currently at home in Nigeria, his fan base is growing especially as collaboration with indigenous artist in songs like “Déjà Vu”, “Allergic” to blend with the raving Afrobeat.

  6. Music Style:
    If you love music of the kind of Koffi Olomide, Fally Ipupa, Ferre Gola, Papa Wemba, TPOK then you will definitely fall for the tunes from Eghe Nimose. Though his blend is with Afrobeat, Highlife, R&B, Soukous and Reggae.

  7. Technologist:
    Aside music, Eghe Nimose is doing well in the Information Technology industry. He is the founder of EntriFlex Technologies, a software and tech firm in Abuja, Nigeria. They are the developers of enterprise applications such as ProFitaa and Hospital Software, HospiCare. In 2006, when as a young student in the University, Eghe Nimose won the award of the Best Software Developer in Nigeria, awarded by the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and SystemSpecs Ltd.

  8. LifeStyle:
    You will expect someone of the reputation above to be everywhere it is happening in town. Disappointingly, Eghe Nimose termed himself a “strong introvert” and only goes out on special occasions like performances and meetings only when it cannot be concluded virtually. He has a private recording studio in his apartment and spend most of his time at home.

  9. Fashion:
    He is very fashionable and love adorning himself with jewelries, from earrings and necklaces, like a lady you will say. He also rock dread locks like a Rastafarian and mostly dress in suits.

  10. Women /Kids: Though Eghe Nimose relationship status is currently not known but we can confirmed he has a grown up son with the name Joshua. You won’t expect a handsome virtuoso to be alone this long, so we are expecting more news in this area.

That is all for now about the self styled RumbaDub master, Eghe Nimose. More details can be found on this website www.eghenimose.com,  also follow Eghe Nimose on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter handle @eghenimose.